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Region- VII

Did You Know?

  • Bohol- came from the word "boho", meaning "hole" ( boho really means hole from which spring water usually gush forth, common in many coastal areas of this island)
  • Bohol is considered as "the Little Paradise of Heaven" or "God's Little Paradise".
  • Bohol- also known as the "Cave Country"
  • When you say Bohol, The first to things you can think of is their Famous Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers.
  • Tarsier- smallest monkey in the world.
  • Tagbilaran is known as the City of Friendship

Bohol is located in the heart of Visayas and considered as the 10th largest island in the archipelago. The island lies southeast from Cebu Island and southwest of Leyte Island in the Central Visayas region. Bohol is the island that earned the complete travel destination. From countryside tour, city tour, extreme activities, beaches, historical sites, island hopping, etc.

Bohol island has been recognized as the number one local and foreign tourist destination for the past 5 years. because the government continues to develop and maintain the beauty of the island. Considering that Bohol already gained the reputation of tourists through the famous Chocolate Hills and White Beaches as well as the Loboc River Cruise.

For me, 3days and 2nights stay in Bohol is not enough to visit and see the beauty of the whole island. There are places that need to explore and experience the requires additional stay.



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