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Pico de Loro

Pico de Loro (664+ MASL)


Climbing mountains is my passion and before the year ends, I decided to have a year-end climb in which Pico de Loro is on top of my bucket list. I have been planning to climb Pico de Loro since last year but because of my job, I couldn't take any chances in joining my friends in climbing this magnificent "Parrot Peak".
Finally my schedule this December favored me to explore Pico de Loro and refreshed my soul in the mountaineering world. From Coastal Bus Terminal, We took a Saulog Bus going to "Ternate". It is a termnal-to-terminal trip so you will not get lost to where you should get off . The fare is P81.00 but we afford to make it P80.00 because we don't have coins that time. (it might be applicable to you too. :-) )

The trip going to Ternate took us almost 2 hours. And when we got off the bus, there were tricycles that offered trip to Pico de Loro. The fare is only P75.00/head if you are going in three (3). But if you are going in two (2), they ask for P100.00/head. Beware of tricycle drivers that will take advantage of you if they will ask too much from what I mentioned. (look for the tricycle driver's contact number for your reference). Kuya Ruel, the Tricycle Driver (09183984435)

The tricycle driver will take you then to DENR for registration. From the bus terminal to DENR, it will take for about 10-15minutes. The registration fee is P25.00. Aftwerwards they the driver will take you to Magnetic Hill, the jump-off to where you will start the trek.

When we got off the vehicle, I got so excited because it took me 3 months before my feet meet up with its soulmate. hahaha. We started the trek at 13:05 (1:05PM). The phone signals are too weak from the jump-off but when you reach the campsite and the summit as well at the famous parrot's peak, the signal is perfect. So you can bring you gadgets like laptops and some electronic gadgets that require internet connection for social and other online activities. :-)
Yellow Paint Marking                             Yellow Ribbon Marking

         Violet Ribbon Marking                    Yellow and Red Paints Marking

Yellow Paint Marking

You don't need a guide in going to Pico de Loro. Again, there has no need for a guide. The trail is very clear and visible, even beginners can manage to follow it. There are signs along the trails for you not to get lost. And always remember to keep right. most of the trails are on the right side. but in case you get lost or confused (but that would be highly unlikely to happen), just look on the yellow markings on the trunks of the trees along the trail. As you go along, the yellow markings are being replaced by yellow ribbons as your guide to the summit.

In an hour of trekking you we reached the Base Camp 1 where you can buy "Subi-neer" (Souvenirs) of Pico de Loro. And another registration amounting to P20.00. In one of the blogs we have read, there shouldn't be another registration because we were already registered at DENR Headquarter. But since it is a practice, we have no choice but to pay again. (for me, it should be donation instead of registration).

After the registration, I and Ace, my best friend/travel buddy, continued the trek. We have encountered a lot of species inside the Palay-Palay Mountain. There are geckos, incredible insects, dragonflies and butterflies with their awesome vibrant colors, snakes (I saw a small one. You will identify if that is a worm or a snake on the way it crawls.) and faunas as well and that is a sign that the mountain is alive and preserved.

As we moved along, we reached the Alibangbang Park where we visited the falls and rested for a while in preparation in a 30-minute assault trek. The ribbons signs eventually alternate with violet ribbons and the funny thing is, some ribbons are mineral water labels and junk food tetra packs. But most of the signs are still yellow ribbons.

Because we are fond taking pictures (aspiring photographers) along the trail, we reached the campsite at 17:28 (5:28PM) instead of 16:00 (4:00PM) or earlier, we reached the campsite and took a lot of pictures again. It was very windy already so we decided to set up the tent and prepare for dinner as it gets darker because our year-end climbs falls on a Winter Solstice.

Socials were being held over the summit range and thanks to Ace's phone with television, we were still updated about the happenings in the city. LOL!
                                 (Mt. Palay-Palay Summit)                              ( Parrot's Peak )

                                                                  (Zoom Photo at the Peak)
  The next day, we decided to go to the summit and to the Parrot's Peak. From the campsite it takes 5 to10 minutes to reach the summit OF Mt. Palay-Palay. I together with Jhuztine, Joel and Ruel, first went to the peak and while Ace waited at the summit for him to take us pictures at the peak. From the foot of the peak, you have to cross a challenging pathway wherein you have to be accompanied by someone who can assist you especially if that is your first time. After which, it is Ace's turn to go to the peak, he followed us then we moved back to the summit for us to take pictures of him at the peak. After the picture taking, we decided to go back to the campsite for us to have our lunch and prepare for the descend.

We started the descend at 14:48 (2:48PM). We met an awesome Man-key who was very approachable and very people oriented. he like human and performs a lot of stunts that made our Pico de Loro experience more memomable. Thanks Sir Joel for the awesome performance.

Our unforgettable moment didn't stop there... We got back to the falls in Alibangbang Park because Jhuztine was not able to visit the falls from her previous climbs at Pico. as we headed to the falls, we met an awesome lady with her child that made our Pico climb more more memorable than the Man-key. the scenario was:

Jhuztine: Good afternoon ate. May tubig ba yung falls? (in an excited voice)
Lady with child: Natural meron. waterfallsnga di ba? (sarcastic)
Jhuztine: ang cute cute naman ni baby ko. galing galing.

 Nga naman Jhuztine may tubig ang falls. hahahaha

As we reached the falls we saw rappelling gears on top of the falls and I out of know where I suddenly said loudly:
Lalaki: (saw us approaching then said to his collegues,) Ayos ah, panalo lahat silat may SLR Camera.
Binatang Lakwatsero: Ang galing! may nagra-rappel!
Lalaki: May nagrappel, hindi nagrarappel.

Nga naman ulit. tapos na ang rappelling. And it ended up asking questions from a question, "Ano gusto mong sagot? yung matino o yung bastusan?"

Wow! This Pico made my year-end travel experience a very rewarding gift this Christmas. Thanks to my friends and to my travel buddy!



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