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Sunken Cemetery

Did you know that?
Sunken Cemetery Cross- Is only the replica of the original cross found the the back-end part of the cemetery that serves as the break water of the area. It was erected sometime in the 1980's.
Sunken Cemetery Cross- also serves the locals of the island as well as the tourist as a scenic spot to commemorate the departed buried there.
There has only one tomb that is visible on the water but due to its age and there are lots of corals live on it, you can hardly identify it as a tombstone.

Personal Insights:

                                                         (Flying stunt on the paddle)

It was my second time visiting the magnificent Island of Camiguin. The island caught the attention of most of the people to visit and discover the island especially when it was featured in 2 of the Philippines' hit movies of the country, OUIJA and Forever and a Day (as per locals and guides).

In going to Sunken Cemetery, hired a multicab recommended the place we stayed in. but if you are going by 6 or less, I suggest the motorella, one of the transportation being used by locals in the island. It is a tricycle with seat compartment at the back usually for 6 people but for you to move freely 4 pax is enough then 2 on both sides of the driver. 

The cemetery is also located along the highway after the Old Volcano. From the entrance, you have to go down to the shore and hire a boat and guide to bring you on the Cross (it is the replica of the original cross sunk which can be seen at the back of it once your there.)

(By the shore going to Cross of Sunken Cemetery)

It was on our second day itinerary to visit the Sunken Cemetery. It is included to the "7 Major Tourist Spots" in Camiguin. I looked for our guide who assisted us before when I first went here and i though i will never find him again. I saw him approaching the shore from the cemetery with the other local tourists. I demanded him from their head guide to allow him to go with us since I was his repeat client and I know that my friends will enjoy his service because he educates and gives you a lot of one-a-kind shots/angles that you couldn't imagine to take from the said spot. 

     (Waiving Hands on the Cross)                                             (Look Down)

(Revenge of Binatang Lakwatsero)

                                        (After the visit on the Cross of the Sunken Cemetery)

                                                   (Binatang Lakwatsero with the Cross)

(Meet our Guide, Jeffrey Rollin, at Sunken Cemetery)

                                 From the shore, it will take you less than 5 minutes to get to the replica of the cross to where you will take your shots with the spectacular blues sky, crystal clear water and the Old Vulcan who made the cemetery sink from its eruption.
Once your on the Cross, you don't have anything to do but to feel the serenity of the place and it is very windy so be cautions on your light stuff because it might carried away and no guarantee if you can still retrieve it like your scarf, caps, shirts, etc. and also the place doesn't have any shade so sun protective clothing/items as well as sunblock with high SPF is recommended. IT took us 40 mins on the cross because all of us are all fund of taking pictures so your camera and and picture taking devices are very needed. :-)

After enjoying the Cross, we headed back to the shore and as usual, we took a lot of selfies and group shots on the shore with the help of our good looking photographer/guide (see last photo on top). You can also buy your pasalubong / souvenirs here where the famous Sunken Cemetery is crafted and printed on the items being sold in the shops.

You can contact Mr. Jeffrey Rollin, the boat operator/guide at 09264639487.

In the year 1871, the Old Vulcan had erupted and subsided some of the areas of Bonbon where the cemetery is located. The cross erected is a replica of the original cross lies at the end of the break water-like edge of the sea. 

Entrance Fee:
There has no Entrance fee but you just have to pay the Boat and tip is due for the guide for the outstanding service he provided us at the site.


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