Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Enigma Tree House Ecolodge | Camiguin

Located in Barangay Balbagon, Mambajao.

When we arrived in Laguindingan Airport, we met Ms. Tanya who happens to be a very good friend of the owner, Ms Ros. Unfortunately when we arrived in Enigmata Lodge, Ms Ros in Manila and we were not able to extend the regards of her friend and we were quite worried because it was almost dark when we arrived at the place and thought of not being entertained and allowed to go inside and the owner was not there too,only the care taker. In our surprise, we were granted to explore the whole masterpiece without any cost at all.  The whole tree house is made of Acacia tree. Anywhere your eyes lead you, you will see a lot or masterpiece and work of art that will end up you saying "unbelievably amazing".


There are lots of handicrafts and obras that are made of bottles, wires, woods, paintings, bottle caps, etc. There was also a certain area in which I loved the most because I saw a human-sized Chess Board with complete sets of King, Queen, Rooks, Knights, Bishops and Pawns. 

We also played, which I did for the first time, the "kulintang", an 8-horizontally laid gongs arranged from smallest to biggest that give a melodic sounds as once played like a drum.

There has also a life-size structured dinosaur plant at the garden where we stayed a bit because of the cold atmosphere the refreshed our tired body from the day tour we had upon arrival on the island.

(Wire Art)

We didn't experienced its famous delicacies because it was late already but definitely on my third visit, i will sure don"t want to miss to experience it as well as to meet its owner as well as to stay there and experience a different accommodation that Enigmata Lodge can offer.



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