Wednesday, March 12, 2014

White Island | Camiguin

White Island

A horse-shoe shape sand bar that changes its size depending on ocean tides. For me, the island sand bar is "TOTALLY A PARADISE". Despite its size, its beauty is incomparable. Unique, beautiful, extraordinary and a lot more. Plus the panoramic view of Mt. Hibok-hibok adds  compliment to any everyone who visits the island.
The sand is so white and fine like a powder that fills the island. And the crystal clear water amazed us because we see the flooring and other marine animals who passed by and played in the island. My friends and I really enjoyed the white island especially out group picture, jump shots, video clips and even selfies. 
while on the island, we still strong suggest to bring skin protections like sunblocks, umbrellas, malongs/ big scarfs and alike to protect yourselves to the direct heat of sunlight. But Nevertheless, you will really enjoy your stay in Camiguin White Island.

Getting There:
You need to hire a boat. it will cost you P100.00 per hear to get to the island plus and environmental fee of P65.00. 
There are people who will offer you snorkeling gears and life vest for P100.00 so you can enjoy your beach experience in the island.

Don't forget to bring you cameras. :-)


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