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Pagoda Festival | Bocaue

                                 (Photo credits to Francis Vivas)

Bocaue Pagoda Festival
Bocaue, Bulacan

Did You Know?
It is also know as "Pagoda sa Wawa" or "Bocaue River Festival" or "Pista ng Mapagpalang Krus sa Wawa" or "Bocaue Fluvial Festival"

Feast Day:
Being held every first Sunday of July In Honor of the Holy Cross of Wawa (Mahal na Krus sa Wawa).

After 21 years from the time of the tragedy who killed around 300 people due to drowning because of the sinking of the pagoda, The Pagoda has set sails again and revived the spirit of the River Festival last July 6, 2014. This event is said to be celebrated in commemorating an old woman being saved from drowning by a floating cross which presumed the Holy Cross of Wawa.

Personal Insight:

I took the advantage of joining my photography group in celebrating the Bocaue Festival in which I volunteered myself to ride in of of the "bancas" or boats that will sail together with the Pagoda. At first I though that we will be riding the Pagoda itself in which it gave a mixed emotions of fear and excitement and my adrenaline rush ran all over me because of the tragedy and as a traveler who seeks extreme activities. This Fiesta is celebrated with a Novena (9 consecutive-day-mass) prior to the main event.

Early at 5AM, we headed straight to Bocaue from our place. We reached the Bocaue Market at 7AM but we met our other members at Mcdonald's for breakfast. At 8:30AM we headed to  St. Martin of Tours Church and waited for the mass to end. I asked one of the parishioners and he said that the parade will start after the third mass. So as a photographer too, we waited for the mass to end by taking pictures of the area and with the participants. Selfie is the name of the game. lol! Since I lost my camera, only my GoPro and my selfie monopod completely my Bocaue getaway.

After the mass, we prepared ourselves in going to the river port to where our designated boat was waiting. As we stepped on the boat, splashing of water welcomed us as a signed that we are ready to get wet and be wet. Lol!

We have sailed for 2 hours moving back and forth from the boundary to the river bridge to where the people waited to witness the colorful pagoda parade. Every boat passed by from our port side and starboard side, we didn't miss the chance to splash water to them using our improvised water guns and pales. 

This is one of the best fiesta I've ever attended in which i really enjoyed so much even the water we used coming from the river. We didn't mind how polluted the water was because at the end of the parade we can still take a bath to cleanse whatever we had gotten from the river.

After the Parade, we went to one of our members mansion to have our lunch. We were very blessed not only with the food they have prepared for the visitors like us but also the warmth hospitality he have shown us including his family. Thank you Sir "Deo Concepcion".

After our lunch he led us to his guests' receiving area and to our surprise, a museum type of room with a collections of different antique memorabilia telling us to say "WOW, AMAZING COLLECTIONS".

From Coca-Cola products, Chess set of perfumes, antique Telephones, Big Guitar on the ceiling, walled aquarium, swords of the ancient heroes, etc. 

We were supposed to go to Barasoain Church but because of the amazing collection of a museum-rest house that we have stayed for lunch, we just wasted our time taking pictures of those classical collections that brought back ourselves on those years that we witnessed those commercials and memories we had on them.

How To Get There:
From Manila to McArthur Hi-Way:
Take a Jeep from Monumento Circle going to Malanday (P16.00)
From Malanday, takeanother jeep to Bocaue (P18.00)
     -Tell the jeepney driver to drop you off at the bridge along the Bocaue Market. It is justafter the flyover and that is the only flyover that you're going to pass by.

From Manila (Monumento) to Bocaue:
Take a jeep with Bocaue sign board (P36.00)


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