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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Mt. Balagbag | Rizal 2017

Mt. Balagbag (777+ MASL)

Jump Off: (First) Sitio Karahume, Barangay Macabud, Rodriguez, Rizal
            (Second) Sitio Balagbag, Barangay San Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal
Summit: Helipad
Difficulty: 3/9 
Specification: Minor Climb
Trail: class 1-2
Hours: 2-3 hours

Personal Insights:

Mt. Balagbag is located in Rodriguez, Rizal, previously known as Montalban. Mt. Balagbag is recommended for beginners due to its easy and wide trail. We saw mountain bikers along the way and even the old locals can still managed to trek. Its water sources pass thru IPO damn that connects to La Mesa Water Reservoir.

I was invited by a friend met from Mt. Tagapo with his dorm mates. And since I had an appointment until 4PM on a weekend, we decided to use a private car because we might not be able to catch the last trip of jeepney (going to purok 6) by night. This guys in different professions were all influenced and eventually got addicted to climb. We had also one companion (JONATHAN PALMA) who joined us the first time. I salute this guy because he just had a by-pass operation and his cardio was challenged due to a long walk for beginners with heart concerns. Good for us that we decided to trek at night because there has no trees to shade the trail.

We reached the summit by 10:15PM where there has a big lighted "cross". The summit is called the "helipad".We decided to cook our food right away since it was very late for dinner and we had a drink also before we sleep. If feels so cold at the summit so better to bring earthpads, sleeping bags and or blankets and socks. 

Early morning, we were welcome by this sea of clouds and a beautiful scenery of Sierra Madre. We had some photo ops and had our breakfast and decided to descend because we don't want to be exposed too much to sun since Mt. Balagbag is abused by illegal loggers.

We had met a lot of trekkers in groups and in solo. Thanks also to Ms. Glez Lunas who inspired to take us our photo and never forget to send us the pictures. Till next climb! :-)

Photo credits to Ms. Glez Lunas

This red gate leads to summit. This is also where the second registration be done for some reason.

We went to Kaytitingga Falls which is located in Barangay San Isidro, This falls is consists of three levels that will really enjoy by nature enthusiasts.

We headed also to Otso-Otso falls (named because of its "8" shape). And had a good time and made a lot of falls jumping. (just be careful because of the slippery stones caused by algae).

After which, we freshen up and had our late lunch at SM SJDM Bulacan. I had a great time at Mt. Balagbag with these guys ( the moody, the bully, the clumsy but always smiling, the jolly and our daddy! You know who you are guys. BIG LOL! and our friendly tour guide, Kuya Edmund. Some stories to share and stories to keep to ourselves. Right Lola. :-P

How To Get There:

Via Commute:

Take a bus to Tungko (from Coastal or Cubao)
Take a jeep to Licao-Licao (Purok 6)

Via own Car:

From You Can Take EDSA and pass thru Fairview going to Tungko

Based from our Night Trek

22:00- Arrival at First Jump Off (Registration)
22:45- Arrival at Second Jump Off (Registration)
00:10- Summit "Helipad"
01:00- Dinner
03:00- Lights Off
06:00- Breakfast with Photo ops
08:00- Descend
10:00- Kaytitingga and Otso-Otso Falls
12:30- Back to Jump Off

Take a jeep back to Tungko
Take a bus to Cubao or Baclaran/Coastal

*You can follow this time sequence if you will do on a day hike. It is advised that you should be at the jump off at around 4AM the most for you not to be too exposed to sun and can witness the sunrise.

Budget: Approx: Php500-600 (overnight)
              Approx: Php 400-500 (day hike)

Fours years of togetherness and counting!


Thursday, September 1, 2016


PHILTOA does it again for the 27th time! Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA) is the biggest association of tour operators and agencies that promote exclusively domestic and inbound tourism. It has a nationwide membership and has been at the frontier of Domestic tourism promotion, partnering with DOT, and its regional offices. PHILTOA is please to announce that the yearly Philippines Travel Mart, the biggest and the longest travel trade exhibition in the promotion and marketing of domestic and inbound tourism will be on its 27th year of staging.


Monday, February 1, 2016

About Me

A lot of things have changed since the time I started to travel. Friends have added, challenges have succeeded, accomplishments have multiplied and thirst for more adventures have grown a lot.
 Meeting new people is my passion. Seeing the beauty of nature from mountain tops down to the ocean floor is not just an ordinary accomplishment, but indeed a real meaning of satisfaction and appreciation of beauty of what our Creator has created.

I am Xander, a travel enthusiast who wants to explore the 81 provinces of the country. It started from a simple getaway to a more complex travel blogging. I am not good in writing but explaining what I feel about the places I’ve been thru is enough for me to let everyone know how beautiful and amazing they are. Every place has it’s our unique things to offer. From people, landscapes, creatures, temperature, delicacies, roads as well as the cultures. They are the ones who complete my journey and make me want to explore for more.

I study photography to share to people not my skill at it but the outcome that my cameras have created to promote tourism. Still enhancing my skill to show what the beauty of my masterpiece has to offer to those travel enthusiasts around the globe.

Join me as I complete my adventure in visiting the 81 provinces of the country and witness the beauty of every place it can showcase to us.
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Friday, January 15, 2016


(Photo credits to My Cebu Photo Blog)


Pit Señor- is derived from the bisayan phrase "sangPIT sa SEÑOR", which means "call to the King", request or ask to the King" or "cry out to the King".



About Me

I am Xander, a travel enthusiast who wants to explore the 81 provinces of the country. It started from a simple getaway to a more complex travel blogging. Join me as I complete my adventure and witness the beauty of our country.

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