Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tondaligan Beach | Pangasinan

Have you heard about Tondaligan Beach? I haven't heard about that beach in Dagupan. All I know about Dagupan is bangus (milk fish) and its festival. I joined one of my photography groups to Pangasinan for what they called FUNmeet.
 I don't have any idea about the place and the event supposed to be started on a Saturday early morning but because of an unexpected call of duty at work and other event, I and my travel buddy decided to catch up on Saturday evening. We left Manila at 5PM and we reached the venue at 10PM. 

(sunset at NLEX)

Due to our tiring activities in the morning, we planned to sleep early to catch up the sunrise the next day. However, due to the happiest group i have ever met so far, I couldn't expect that the sing along will last up to 4:30AM the next day (Sunday). Since it lasted up to that time, we were not able to had our sleep but instead we took photos of the night sky, lying on our tents and talk about our next travels. 

By 5:00 AM of Sunday, we saw a lot of our friends preparing their cameras, tripods, phones and other photo capturing devices for the spectacular sun rise. even our eyes were asking for just even a nap, we didn't think about it because all we knew was to chase the sunrise and give ourselves a reward for on waiting on a less than 10 minutes phenomena.

And it was very SUCCESSFUL!!! That was my first time chasing the sunrise because i just normally see it rising but no memories through photos as proof that i was able to take efforts to capture it. It was very fulfilling because you cannot witness it the whole day but just for minutes at early every morning.

After our Chasing-the-King-of-the-Planets moments, we headed back to our campsites and share our photos to everyone, post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, other photography sites and a lot more. Then we decided to take breakfast and of course SWIMMING!!!. even without sleep we ran after the tempting water of Tondaligan beach.

We also flew kite along the shore back and forth and we didn't mind the sun even if we get burned. lol!
It was indeed tiring but satisfying. By 8:30AM, we went to the cottage where the videoke was placed and did a mini concert that lasted for an hour an a half. By 10AM, we prepare ourselves in going to Our Lady of Manaoag (Our Lady of Good Voyage) to give thanks, take our lunch and do our normal routine, to take pictures. 

How to Get There:

From EDSA, you can ride a bus going to Dagupan or Lingayen. (P350)

From Dagupan terminal ride a jeepney with Bonouan signboard. (P12)

Only one ride of jeepney from different bus stations, malls, downtown and restaurants.



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