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Mt. Daraitan

Mt. Daraitan
Tanay, Rizal /Gen. Nakar, Quezon

Major jump-off: Brgy. Daraitan Tanay, Rizal
Summit: Peak1 (Tungtungang Bato 1) and Peak2 (Tungtungan Bato 2)
Summit: 3-4 hrs
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 3-4

For Your Information:

Mt Daraitan is a hidden paradise located in Tanay, Rizal. It offers a lot of excitement to all nature and non-nature enthusiasts. From the rock formation, river, tropical forest, summit, views, cave, flora and fauna, and even the people, are considered treasure that you will keep for life.
There are lots of activities and adventures that Mt. Daraitan has to offer. From extreme swimming, river crossing, caving (spelunking), rock climbing, rappelling, climbing, and even photography.This is a very promising outdoor getaway to all who seek for adventure unite themselves with our nature.

Mt. Daraitan still holds the title of having the cleanest river in Region IV. Despite Typhoon Ondoy (2009), who ruined the Tinipak Falls (which is now Tinipak Creek), the water still goes direct in service to the community.

Personal Insights:

After 3 years in the making of this escapade, Finally, I was able to get a chance to climb Mt. Daraitan. My Gaodik Friends had planned it for the longest time but because I was too busy with my 8AM to 5PM job, I couldn't join them as a group.

We left Manila to meet our photography group at VMMC, North EDSA. At 6AM we left VMMC and had our breakfast at the food chain and then after an hour we continue our trip to Daraitan. It took us 2 and a half to 3 hours in going to Daraitan due to undeveloped highway.

Upon arrival to our destination, the first exciting part was, we crossed the Daraitan River using balsa (10pax capacity at P5.00 each) to reach the other side so we could ride a tricycle going to their barangay.

From the Barangay, we have to register first and because we're more than 40 and others were not capable to climb and by personal decisions, the group decided to split into two, others were into spelunking and others were into mountain climbing which i joined. the registration costs us P36 each.

At 10:46, we started the trek together with the group. I was very excited since i rested for almost 2 months due my job. At the start of the trek it was already challenging and I feel the rush when my feet stepped on the mountain ground.

Since storm Henry had passed by and brought some scattered rainshowers and thunderstorms, the trails was quite slippery and muddy and we experienced rainfalls in the middle of the trekking until we reached the campsite. It was past 2PM already and we were all wet. We set up our tents so we can rest and changed clothes.

At 5PM the rain stopped and we decided to take photos, selfie, and groupie. Since the it was almost dark some of our group mates decided to head up to the summit and witness the sunset to take pictures as well. but the rain just fell again and some of us backed out but others continued to go to the summit.

The magnificent sun rise

Breathtaking Sun Rise and Sea Of Clouds from Peak 1

Selfie at Peak 2

groupie at Peak 2

Sea of Clouds fading and shows the Tinipak River from afar.

One of the flags at the summit. Bringing closer to the Highest One.

TO BE CONTINUED.....................


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