Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nagcarlan Old Church

From the Underground Cemetery, we headed to Nagcarlan Public Market to see the Nagcarlan Old Church. 
Nagcarlan Old Church is located in the town proper of Nagcarlan. 10 minute walk from the Underground Cemetery. The Nagcarlan Church is the first church built in the town. It was built in light materials by Rev. Tomas de Miranda, who was assigned in 1583 as resident priest.

In 1752 a second church was built but was partially destroyed by fire in 1781. In the restoration of the church, Rev. Vicente Velloc, who built the Underground Cemetery and Crypt, added a choir loft to make the church as well as to make the mass celebration livelier.

To those religious people, Nagcarlan is on of the best places to go into since Underground Cemetery and Churches like  Nagcarlan Old Church is near to each other and you can also visit some of the falls on the place.  And Nagcarlan and very near to San Pablo City where you can also see the seven (7) lakes and discover why San Pablo is called the City of the 7 lakes.

Did You Know That?

Nagcarlan Old Church is also know as St. Bartholomew the Apostle Church



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