Monday, November 25, 2013

Higantes Festival 2013

This is the first i visited Angono and witnessed the celebration of the Higantes Festival. Like any other festivals, Higantes Festival also has a morning parade that showcase the different giant-paper-mache mascots (Higantes) from different barangays and sponsors.

The Festival is a one week celebration. it starts from November 17-23. The locals of Angono says, main the highlights of the event will be on the 23rd which is the Feast of San Clemente. The people gather and wait along the streets where the image of San Clemente will pass through (procession) followed by a fire truck sprinkling water to them. The locals and devotees believe that if they will be blessings if the will get wet during the procession.

The parade started  at the Angono Elementary School at 7AM of November 17, 2013 (Lucky for us because the parade started already at 8AM and we just arrived because we woke up late due to the tiring day activity we has last 16th. :-p ) and will end at the Angono Gymnasium. There are lots of Higantes at the parade that were accompanied by Marching Bands and Street Dancers who will compete in the afternoon. Cosplay characters also participated at the parade. One of the famous Higantes who caught the attention of most of the people who have watch the parade was Higante (Giant) of Vice Ganda, one of the famous stand-up comedians/celebrities in the country. Our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal was there too. Even the Plants vs. Zombies characters were also present at the parade and a lot more.

At the end of the parade of the "Finale", all contestants in the street dance competition showed 30% (equivalent to 2mins) of their performance as teasers to everyone since the said competition will start at 2PM.


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