Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dinagyang Festival 2014

Dinagyang Festival is one of the most extravagant celebration that Philippines has to offer.
Dinagyang is the Iloilo's version of Ati-atihan. It distinguishes itself in terms of choreography and and their one-of-a-kind artistry in costumes of the participating tribes.

This is my first time to celebrate Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo. We arrived in Silay Airport Bacolod for us to take photos of the Old Mansions that serves as the National Heritage and attraction in Bacolod. We stayed for the whole day and decided to take a boat to reach Iloilo before the day ends. it only take for about an hour and we reach the Iloilo where our dear friend Chuchay is waiting to pick us up. It was a great adventure from the start until the end of our getaway.

The first thing we did was go the the Sto Nino church and in our surprise, there were lots of participants in Dinagyang having there costumes and their props with them as the mass started. It was just on a Friday and the main event would be on Sunday. It was an awesome experience as I witness how the people prepared their breathe taking performances.

On that night we went to Iloilo Museum to see some of the artifacts and photos being exhibited in line with the event. Then we went to SM Iloilo to witness spectacular fire works display. From Iloilo proper to where the Dinagyang event will be held, it takes for about 30 minutes to reach SM Iloilo.

We had our dinner where some of our Funtastic Philippines Family are waiting to witness the fireworks display.

After that we went to one our friend's apartment for us to stay until Monday. While waiting for the main event on Sunday, our group decided to go Guimaras by Saturday so see what Guimaras can offer. (See Guimaras Getaway)

Dinagyang Festivals or Kasadyahan Festivals was participated by 11 Tribes named the:

1. Bacolod MassKara Festival
2. Saad Festival of Leganes, Iloilo
3. Manggahan Festival of Guimaras Province
4. Tribu Hugyaw Kansilay of Silay City, Negros Occidental
5. Tribu Pan-ay of Fort San Pedro National High School, Iloilo City
6. Sinadya sa Halaran of Roxas City, Capiz
7. Hugyaw Tribe of Saint Therese-MTC College, Iloilo City
8. Kalibo Ati-Atihan Festival
9. Tribu Banigan of Libertad, Antique
10. Tribu Panubli-on of Professional Electronics Institutes
11. Pintaflores Festival of San Carlos City, Negros Occidental

They performed in four (4) platform stages (Freedom Granstand, Provincial Capitol, Quezon-Ledesma and Maria Clara) simultaneously as they move along and show they outstanding perform to the next stage.

Their performances is based on the culture of their tribes as well as to their costumes. Some showed on how they defeated the "aswang", "malignos" and other bad elements that tried to conquer and reign to community.  Some showed how they fought with other tribes and some showed how Sto. Nino helped them in theor communities.



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