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Davao- The Asia's Friendliest

 Davao City

Region- XI

Did You Know?

  • DavaoThe name is derived from its Bagobo origins: the Tagabawa who called the river “Dabo”, the Giangan or Diangan who called it “Dawaw”, and the Obo who called it “Davah”, with a gentle vowel ending, although later usage pronounce it with a hard “v” as in “b”. The pioneer Christian inhabitants of the settlement understandably were the proponents behind the official adoption of the name “Davao” in 1868.
  • Davao- Asia's Friendliest.
  • DavaoAlso known as the "Little Tokyo".
  • When you say Davao, The first to things you can think of is their Famous Durian, Mangosteen, waling-waling and Abaca.
  • Durian- a fruit with spikes and with a stinky smell but has delicious taste once eaten.
This is my first time travelling/visiting Davao. This has been on my bucket list since last year and i was so excited when i finally stepped my feet in Davao International Airport. Of course the first thing to do was to take picture at the airport and beside the airport is a big landscape of a word "Davao, Life is Here".

Davao is located on the southeastern seaboard of Mindanao and considered the largest city in the world. Because of its attractive culture, wildlife sanctuaries and its own magnificent presence of Mt. Apo which is the tallest mountain in the country, Davao attracts a lot of tourists to explore its own one o a kind tourists destinations.

You don't have to hire a Taxi because it is a walking distance to the national highway where you can hop in to jeepneys and multi cabs.

For me, 5days and 4nights stay is not enough to explore to explore the largest city in the world and this would be listed again in my bucket list next year including the new Davao Occidental.

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Davao is the largest city in the island of Mindanao. it is three (3x) as larger than Manila. 

Mindanao is known as the friendliest city in Asia. Mindanao is composed of 16 tribesbut only 10 are recognized.

Symbols of Davao is waling waling, Durian, Philippine Eagle and Mt. Apo.

Davao was Oct 16, 1936, Davao became City. signed by Former President Manuel L. Quezon.

Painting- Christians, Bagobo and Islam

Islamic- originated Cotabato

5 islamic tribes

Maranao- Marawi or Lanao

Sama Tawi
Tausug- Jolo or Sulu
Calagan for Islam- Davao province
Maguinganaoan- Maguindanao


Datu Bago- who defended Davao against the Spaniard. counterpart of Lapu-Lapu from Cebu.



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