Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Katibawasan Falls | Camiguin

Katibawasan Falls

Location: Mambajao

Included in the "7 Major Tourist Spots" in Camiguin. The Katibawasan Falls is the famous 250m falls in Camiguin known to its iced-cold water and different faunas surrounded in it.
 It is the best destination especially during summer because of its refreshing and invigorating water splashes and the pool as well to which you can go and enjoy swim or just by simply dipping your feet while drinking your favorite refreshing beverages. You can also picnic here since there has available tables that can cater group or even for couples.

The falls is being maintained by the government so there is a minimum entrance fee of P20.00. There are also souvenir shops in from of the entrance where you can buy "pasalubong" or souvenirs for your love ones.

You can also try there famous delicacy, "kiping", a dried sweet potatoe spread with coco jam as sweetener.

Entrance: P20.00 To get thereyou can hire a "habal-habal" or multi-cab.


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