Sunday, January 5, 2014

Walkway to the Old Volcano and Stations of the Cross

Personal Insights:
Walkway to the Old Volcano, also known as the Paanad Walkway, was our first stop of our tour. It is located in Mambajao, the main town of Camiguin.

(Jesus praying at the Garden of Getsemani)

The Old Volcano and Station of the Cross is located along the highway of Mambajao in which you will see the markings where you can take you pictures where the stairs are located going to the Stations of the Cross starting to the Statue of Jesus praying in the Getsemani.

The Station of the Cross is an 8-kilometer walkway in Barangay Bonbon. This is one of the famous tourists spots in the island of Camiguin specially every Holy Week/Lenten Season because it serves as a pilgrimage to all Catholic devotees. But the said tourist spot does not limit to all Catholic devotees, this site is for all who appreciate the landscape, structure, solemnity of the place and the nature itself.

(First Station: Jesus is Condemned to Death)

There are 14 stations with human sized statues on every station. However, because of time constraint, we only reached up to first station. But I will definitely complete the 14 stations once I come back in Camiguin and renew my spirit. :-)

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